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Why Every Rio Rancho Pet Owner Needs to Spay and Neuter Their Cat or Dog

With 1.5 million animals euthanized each year, it is crucial for pet owners to spay and neuter Rio Rancho pets to prevent more animals from overcrowding animal shelters. Spaying removes a female animal’s reproductive organs, while neutering removes a male’s, and can significantly impact your animal’s life for the better.

What Is the Recovery of Spaying and Neutering Like?

Lucky for your furry friend, spaying and neutering in Rio Rancho is a relatively simple procedure, usually only warranting a few days of recovery time and post-operative care as outlined by your veterinarian. Like any surgery, spaying and neutering can cause pets mild pain, soreness, and discomfort, all of which are typically taken care of with pain medication and relaxation.

In order to have the best recovery and outcomes possible, spaying and neutering should ideally occur before a cat or dog’s first heat cycle. On average, this is around 4-6 months for cats and 5-15 months for dogs, depending on their size.

The Positive Impact of Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

It is crucial to spay and neuter Rio Rancho pets for a multitude of reasons. First off, these procedures improve both your furry friend’s physical and emotional well being.

Not only does removing reproductive organs prevent your pet from getting certain cancers and infections, but it also removes the urges that lead pets to exhibit aggression and anxiety. It also decreases negative behaviors like roaming, urinating, and mounting.

Coronado Pet Hospital Offers Spaying and Neutering Services in Rio Rancho

Since spaying and neutering is affordable surgery, any of the upfront costs of the procedure are well worth it for all the money that is saved on expensive medical or animal training bills. If you’re looking for a trusted hospital trained to spay and neuter, Rio Rancho pet owners should contact the expert professionals at Coronado Pet Hospital today!

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