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Things to Know Before Spaying and Neutering Your Dog in Rio Rancho

Getting your dog spayed or neutered in Rio Rancho is the responsible thing to do as a pet owner, but there’s no denying that it can be a scary process. Having your pet undergo major surgery can be a stressful thought for both you and your dog. However, taking the time to understand a few important things can help take the worry out of the situation. Here’s what you should know before going to get a spay and neuter in Rio Rancho.

How Should You Prepare Your Dog For Surgery?

Before your dog’s surgery, you should start by creating safe areas for your dog around the home. Exercise and activity aren’t recommended post-procedure, so ensure that your dog is crate trained and ready for a few days of rest and recovery. Typically, you should also avoid giving your dog food or water the night before the surgery  to reduce the risk of vomiting or upset stomachs the next day.

What Should You Expect On the Day of Surgery?

Most Rio Rancho veterinarians prefer to start the spay and neuter process early in the morning so that your dog has plenty of time to recover over the rest of the day. In general, you can expect to drop your dog off at the vet in the morning. The vets will operate and your dog will have several hours to recuperate after the procedure. You will be asked to bring your dog back home either late in the afternoon or early evening, though some vets prefer to have the dogs stay at the facilities overnight.

What Happens After Your Dog Gets Spayed or Neutered in Rio Rancho?

Since your pet has just undergone an intensive procedure with plenty of sedation, don’t be surprised if your dog isn’t their usual perky self. Take care that your dog doesn’t perform any excessive activity and keep an eye on your dog’s wound at the incision site – try to prevent licking and biting to keep your dog from re-opening the gash. Most importantly, ensure that you’re available to provide comfort for your pet, as this is the perfect time for a little bonding.

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