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Small Animal Veterinary Surgery Rio Rancho

Small Animal Veterinary Surgery Rio Rancho

Coronado Pet Hospital provides the skillful small animal veterinary surgery Rio Rancho pet owners have confidence in. When your companion needs surgical care, you can trust our collaborative team to use their up to date training and experience to restore your pet’s health.

Questions to Ask Prior to Your Pet’s Surgery

Surgery can be scary for owners and pets. To help make this experience easier to handle, we suggest speaking with your veterinarian prior to surgery. Here are a few questions we believe you should ask:

What is the specific diagnosis and what are the treatment options?

You deserve to know all of the details about your pet’s condition prior to surgery. A reliable veterinarian will thoroughly inform you of your pet’s illness, the significant health effects and the appropriate treatment options. Unless it is an emergency, your veterinarian should make you feel comfortable with the treatment plan before the procedure.  

Are there any risk factors or potential complications?

Many surgeries can have minor complications like bruising, swelling or slow recovery times. Others can have significant complications like infections or bleeding. Some surgeries may have a chance of failure. Your vet should make you aware of the risks associated with each treatment option before you decide.

How experienced are you with small animal veterinary surgery?

Along with confidence in the treatment, you need to be confident in the surgeon. While all surgeries can contain risk regardless of who the surgeon is, you want to trust your pet’s health to a clinic with a long history of specialized surgical care.

Small Animal Veterinary Surgery at Coronado Pet Hospital

Coronado Pet Hospital’s team of veterinary professionals has decades of experience in small animal care. From dogs and cats to rabbits and rodents, our comfortable facility is equipped to handle the unique pre-operative, surgical and post-operative needs of your pet. If your trusty companion needs specialized care, you can count on the small animal veterinary surgery Rio Rancho pet owners trust: Coronado Pet Hospital.

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