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Veterinarian Preceptorship

Apply for a Veterinarian Preceptorship in Rio Rancho

Coronado is offering a Veterinarian Preceptorship in Rio Rancho. This is an opportunity for veterinary students to experience a practical, clinical learning environment.  Each preceptorship will last one to six weeks, dependent upon the needs of the student.  The Preceptorship Program runs year-round and offers veterinary students extensive hands-on learning in the following areas:

  • Daily Rounds
  • Client Relations
  • Case Work Ups
  • Cadaver Dissection
  • Soft Tissue Surgery Shadowing (with opportunities to practice)
  • General Practice Shadowing
  • Dentistry Practice
  • Emergency Critical Care
  • Wildlife Medicine Practice (if opportunities arise)
  • Business Management


Preceptorship Details:

  • Qualifications: This preceptorship is available to veterinary students in their fourth year (or equivalent) of the curriculum.
  • Stipend: This is an unpaid preceptorship, however, a stipend of $200 a week will be offered to students as well as accommodations.
  • Housing: Accommodation options are available upon request.


About Coronado Animal Hospital:

We are a busy two facility small animal practice which also takes care of rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and birds.  Coronado Animal Hospital has been providing exceptional veterinary care to Rio Rancho’s families for over 20 years.  Our hospitals offer a wide range of animal services including general, orthopedic and laparoscopic surgery, internal medicine, pain control, endoscopy, comprehensive in-house laboratory, radiography, CT, and dentistry.  We offer 24 hour nursing care for hospitalized patients.  Both facilities are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association.

We strive to provide quality veterinary medicine and surgery to all clients and their pets in a timely, friendly and professional manner.  We treat all animals as valued members of our families and of our community.  We encourage comradery, mentorship and an environment for everyone to learn and work at their own pace.  We have experienced, long-term support staff on the premises 24 hours a day and have been under the same ownership since inception in 1995.


Our hospital is fully equipped with:

  • HD CT Scanner with interpretation services
  • Digital radiography and radiologist interpretation services
  • Digital Dental radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Therapeutic Laser
  • Advanced anesthetic monitoring equipment
  • Fully Surgical Suite
  • Isolation Ward
  • Oxygen Therapy and Nebulization Equipment
  • Blood and Plasma Transfusion Equipment
  • In-house Lab Machines/Equipment: CBC, Chem, T4, Bile Acid Tests, ACTH, iStat, SNAP Tests, Microscope, Sterilization Equipment


Rio Rancho

About Rio Rancho:

Coronado Animal Hospital is located in Rio Rancho in the Land of Enchantment.  We are located within minutes of major shopping centers, restaurants and more.

Rio Rancho is adjacent to Albuquerque, the home to the International Balloon Fiesta, multiple state parks, hiking, skiing and more.  Experience the dunes of White Sands National Monument, take a ride down old Route 66, encounter some aliens in Roswell, visit the ruins of Chaco Canyon, camping at Elephant Butte Lake, or stay the weekend in Santa Fe. Contact us for more information about out our Veterinarian Preceptorship in Rio Rancho.

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