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What Vaccines Do Indoor Cats Need? | Coronado Pet Hospital

Improve your indoor cat’s chances of fighting diseases and keep your beloved companion around as long as possible by keeping them up to date on the cat vaccinations Rio Rancho pets need.

What Vaccinations Does an Indoor Cat Need?

While an indoor cat’s risk of contracting a disease is far lower than an outdoor cat, they’re not immune. If you plan to raise them among other furry friends, it’s essential they remain fully vaccinated for their health and the health of your pet family as a whole.


Cat vaccinations Rio Rancho and Albuquerque pets need are scientifically proven to reduce the transmission of feline diseases. Here are the veterinarian recommended vaccinations for indoor cats.

Rabies Vaccination

Rabies is a fatal disease that is transmissible to humans, so indoor and outdoor cats should always have regular rabies vaccinations. All New Mexico cats are required by law to receive rabies vaccinations after three months of age and then at least every three years thereafter.

Feline Leukemia

Feline Leukemia attacks your cat’s immune system and slowly weakens it over time. Your pet will become highly susceptible to even harmless viruses or secondary infections, and the prognosis is poor. This vaccine should be administered to all kittens, and boostered three weeks later. There is always the possibility that your cat will escape outside at some point in his life. This early protection will allow your cat’s body to offer an immune response if he is exposed during this adventure.

Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus (FVRCP)

This vaccination is given to combat certain upper respiratory diseases that felines can contract. Any upper respiratory infection has the potential to worsen into pneumonia. These shots should begin at eight weeks and be boostered twice over the following six weeks. Thereafter, boosters every one to three years are recommended.

Rio Rancho Animal Hospital: The Premier Provider of Cat Vaccinations

Help your furry friend live a longer, healthier life! Contact our team today to learn more about trusted cat vaccinations Rio Rancho pets need.

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