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Can taking Vaccination | Coronado Pet Hospital

The Importance of Cat Vaccinations in Rio Rancho

One of the most important parts of properly caring for your feline is scheduling their required cat vaccinations in Rio Rancho.

Cat Vaccinations Rio Rancho: An Overview

Vaccinations are essential for improving the health and happiness of your cat. Cat vaccinations in Rio Rancho, like human vaccines, play a huge role in preventing cats from getting sick or dying from a plethora of viruses and bacteria. Vaccines allow the immune system to build antibodies to fight against certain diseases.

Core Vaccines That Every Cat Needs to Survive

Whether your cat is living indoors or outdoors, there are a couple of core vaccinations that every domestic cat needs. These include both the rabies vaccine as required by the state of New Mexico and the FVRCP vaccine. These protects felines against calicivirus, feline panleukopenia, and viral rhinotracheitis.

It is important to also seek the guidance of a veterinary professional to see if your cat’s specific health and lifestyle makes them eligible for additional vaccinations. Some of the most common vaccines include the Feline Leukemia (or FelV) vaccine and the Bordetella vaccine. This is typically the case with unvaccinated animals and cats that are exposed to the outdoors.

The Optimal Age for Cat Vaccinations and Boosters

The best age to begin your cat’s vaccination schedule is at six to seven weeks old as recommended by vets, with rabies given at 12 weeks old on average. Additionally, many cat vaccinations require a series of booster shots to further maintain immunity and protection every one to three years.

Rio Rancho Cat Vaccinations Are Made Easy at Coronado Pet Hospital

With over 50 years of combined experience and an AAHA accreditation, Coronado Pet Hospital is the premiere Rio Rancho animal clinic. Schedule an appointment with our trusted veterinarians to administer the cat vaccinations Rio Rancho felines need to thrive today.

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