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Spaying and Neutering Animals in Rio Rancho 101

Any responsible pet owner should spay and neuter their Rio Rancho cats and dogs. To learn more about this process and its benefits with Coronado Animal Hospital, keep on reading.


What Is the Spaying and Neutering Process?

Spaying female animals and neutering male animals are some of the most common procedures at veterinary clinics. In this process, the animal’s reproductive organs are removed in a routine surgical procedure to prevent the animals from giving birth, females from going into heat, and deter various breeding behaviors such as humping.

The Benefits to Spay and Neuter Rio Rancho Animals

Spaying and neutering benefit both your furry friend and the community at large. Here are three benefits of this simple procedure:

#1: Healthier Pets

Spaying and neutering are associated with fewer health problems for your beloved pet down the line. More specifically, removing reproductive organs completely eliminates or reduces your pet’s risk for uterine infections, testicular cancer, mammary cancer, and other serious conditions.

#2: Decreases Animal Overpopulation

With over 70 million homeless cats and dogs in the United States, countless animals deserve loving homes before bringing more into the world. Spaying and neutering your animal helps with overpopulation and prevents shelters from reaching their capacity and turning animals away from support.

#3: Improved Behavior and Happiness

A spayed or neutered animal is dispositioned to be happier, calmer, and less anxious. More specifically, without testosterone production, your male animals will have much less of a problem with aggression, humping, and other inappropriate behaviors.

Care for Your Pet at Coronado Animal Hospital Today

All of the benefits associated with spaying and neutering outweigh any of the medical risks. If you are looking for a clinic to spay and neuter your pet, Rio Rancho residents should contact the compassionate staff at Coronado Animal Hospital today!

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