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Heatstroke in Dogs: What are the Signs?

Heatstroke in Dogs: What are the Signs?

With temperatures soaring In Rio Rancho we’ve all been hit with HOT temperatures, but imagine for a second how that’s affecting our four-legged friends? Heatstroke can affect your dog when their bodies cannot accommodate the excessive rise in temperature.


Heatstroke can happen to any breed of dog of any age. Long haired and short-nosed dogs are more susceptible to hyperthermia, and confining your dog to a hot car, or restricting their access to water, and too much activity on a hot day can all cause your dog to overheat.

How can I tell if my dog is suffering from heatstroke?

A noticeable and key symptom of hyperthermia is excessive panting. Dogs will pant in the heat since they cannot sweat to cool down, the panting is a physiological reaction that allows for them to externally cool themselves. If you can catch them panting before it becomes too fast or labored, you should take the opportunity to find shade and water for your dog so that they can cool off for a bit.


Other symptoms you will observe are:


  • Hypersalivation & drooling
  • Vomiting & lethargy
  • A rapid heart rate & dry nose


In extreme cases your dog may experience seizures, a comatose state, or muscle tremors.

What should I do?

If you have the tools to take their temperature, then do so. A measure of 105 degrees is a critical situation and requires fast action. Using a hose and a sponge or rag to wash your dog with cool, not cold, water will help lower your dog’s temperature. Even if your dog is in critical condition it is essential that, if at all possible, you stabilize their temperature to around 103 before rushing them to an emergency vet animal hospital.


If it is not a critical situation then find a cooled area if possible, otherwise something shaded will get your dog out of the hot sun and somewhere more comfortable. A fan will feel like a nice breeze and if available should be used to keep them cool.

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