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What Is Heartworm Prevention and Why Is It Important?

As a pet owner, it is natural to do everything you can to keep your pet healthy and happy, which is why heartworm prevention in Rio Rancho is so important. As a potentially life-threatening condition, heartworm infection is a threat that should always be taken seriously.

The Dangers of Heartworm Infection

Heartworm disease affects thousands of dogs, cats, and ferrets each year in all parts of the United States. . Infection occurs when an infected mosquito bites the animal and introduces the heartworm larvae into the pet’s body.  The larvae mature into adult heartworms over the next 6 months and begin to reproduce in the pet’s heart, lungs, and blood vessels.


Symptoms of heartworm disease in dogs can start mildly and slowly progress into a life-threatening situation. If heartworm remains untreated in your pet, it can seriously damage their heart, lungs, and other organs.. Symptoms may include cough, fatigue, and increased respiratory effort, which will worsen as the disease progresses. Cats and ferrets may experience few or all of these symptoms and may even die suddenly.


Treatment of heartworm infection in dogs is possible, although it is expensive and carries some risk to the dog’s health. There is no comparable treatment, however, for infected cats or ferrets.

How To Start Heartworm Prevention

Luckily, there are a variety of proven, highly-effective heartworm prevention medications that are approved for dogs, cats, or ferrets. There are tablets, chewables, topical medications, and even a once- or twice-yearly injection for dogs.


Protect Your Pet with the Help of Coronado Pet Hospital

To schedule an appointment to discuss the best methods of heartworm prevention for your pet, Rio Rancho pet owners can give the veterinary professionals at Coronado Pet Hospital a call today.

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