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spay and neuter

Top Six Reasons Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet


1. You Want Them to Live as Long as Possible


When you spay or neuter your pet, you are making sure that they live as long as possible. Spaying and neutering help to lower the chances of your pet getting certain types of cancers, as well as decreasing the chances of your pet getting uterine infections.


2. You Won’t Have to Deal With Animals Going into Heat


When you don’t spay and neuter your pets, females will go into heat. In addition to being at risk of getting pregnant, they will need to go outside to urinate more often, and will freely bleed. This means that you may not only have to invest in diapers to contain the mess, but you will also have to deal with cleaning up messes and bloodstains that don’t happen when your animal is spayed. Animals in heat may also wail or make other loud, repetitive noises in an effort to find a mate, which can be aggravating.


3. Neutered Pets are Less Aggressive


When you neuter male pets, they become more docile and less aggressive. Male pets who are not neutered can get into fights with other animals when they are seeking a mate, or being territorial. Female pets in heat can become aggressive or act out in unusual ways due to pain and irritability.


4. Your Pet is Less Likely to Run Away


Pets that aren’t spayed and neutered tend to escape your yard or home in order to find a mate. We have seen many instances where pets were lost, injured or killed because they got out of a home, yard, or fenced area to get to a mate. And the pets that are able to get home safely may have contributed to overpopulation by becoming or getting another pet pregnant.


5. Your Pet is Less Likely to Urinate Inside


When you spay and neuter your pets, you lessen the chances that they will urinate inside. Males who are not neutered tend to mark their territory, which includes your house! Females that are not spayed need to urinate much more often when they are in heat, and blood stains are also very common.


6. You Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy


If your pet becomes pregnant or causes another pet to become pregnant, you will have to deal with the increased veterinary bills, health risks, and extra animals that come with it. Once the animals are born, you will have the laborious task of finding safe and suitable homes for them, but only after they are old enough to leave the mother.

Spay and Neuter your Pets in Rio Rancho

Coronado Pet Hospital is trusted by pet owners all over Rio Rancho and surrounding areas to safely spay and neuter their four-legged companions. If you need to schedule an appointment to have your pet spayed or neutered, call right away at (505)771-3311. When it comes to spaying or neutering your pets, our state of the art AAHA- accredited facility has every resource available to offer your family pet the finest comprehensive medical care in Rio Rancho.

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