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Three Types of Worms You Should Know About

Three Types of Worms You Should Know About

Creepy crawlies are not usually at the top of mind when snuggling with your loving house pet. Unfortunately, worms are common in pets and can be harmful to both their health and your own. Veterinary care involves more than spay and neuter in Rio Rancho; ongoing prevention and awareness are critical for an animal’s wellness. Pet owners should understand the three most common wormspets can contract.

1.   Roundworms

Roundworms are long, white worms resembling spaghetti. They rob pets of nutrients by feeding on intestinal contents. These worms can be passed down from mother to baby within the womb, which means puppies and kittens are often born with roundworms. Untreated roundworm infestations can cause malnutrition and even intestinal obstruction in animals.

2.   Hookworms

Hookworms, on the other hand, are small, short worms with tooth-like mouthparts that allow them to adhere to their victims’ intestinal walls and feed on blood. Animals become infected with hookworms through ingestion of contaminated fecal material or larval migration through the paw pads. High hookworm loads can cause severe anemia.

3.   Tapeworms

Tapeworms are segmented flatworms. It is unusual for a pet owner to see an entire tapeworm; animals generally shed the worm segments (resembling rice) in their stool. Cats and dogs become infected with tapeworms through the ingestion of fleas. It is, therefore, critical for your pet to receive monthly flea prevention to avoid tapeworms.

Before you kick Fido out of the house, know that there are simple ways to prevent and treat intestinal parasites. Please ask us about monthly parasite prevention when you come in for their next exam.

Intestinal Parasite Prevention and Spay and Neuter Services in Rio Rancho

We understand that pet owners want the very best for their companions. That’s why at Coronado Pet Hospital, we offer the most comprehensive spay and neuter services in Rio Rancho. Call us today at (505) 771-3311 to make an appointment!


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