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The Benefits of Vaccinating Your Puppy

As pet parents, we want the best for our pets. Keeping puppies up-to-date on their shots is essential to helping them live their healthiest, most enjoyable lives. There is a wide range of benefits to vaccinating your new puppy, from disease prevention to healthy, worry-free playtime!

Parvo Vaccination Means More Exploring

All puppies are susceptible to Parvovirus. Because the virus can live in dirt for years, even going on a short walk without the vaccine puts your puppy at risk. Vaccinating your puppy for Parvo means he can explore, sniff, roll, and lick without the risk of contracting the virus.

Parvo is dangerous because it can cause heart failure and other chronic cardiac problems. Vaccinations can ensure that your puppy is protected from this highly contagious and potentially deadly illness.

Avoiding Canine Distemper Means More Socialization

Thought to be transmitted through the air from the breath of other infected animals, Distemper is also highly contagious. The vaccination for Canine Distemper is effective, and just one dose can protect a puppy within hours, and last for his whole lifetime. Vaccinating for Distemper allows your puppy to make new friends without you having to worry.

Although a rare illness, Distemper can be very serious. Distemper lowers the immune system and eventually attacks the central nervous system causing spasms, seizures, paralysis, and even death.

The Bordetella Vaccine Benefits Pet Parents, Too

Most (if not all) doggy daycares and boarding facilities require your puppy to be up-to-date on vaccines. Being able to leave your dog at a kennel when you have to travel last minute can alleviate a lot of stress, and being able to drop your puppy off at doggy daycare for a day of play can benefit both you and your pup!

The Bordetella virus is essentially equivalent to the common cold in humans and is very contagious. There is no specific treatment, but just like for anyone, the symptoms can be uncomfortable and aggravating.

Socialization is Key

Regular socialization with other dogs is key to raising your puppy into a well-behaved, well-rounded dog. Vaccinating your puppy allows him to socialize and play safely with other dogs, even if he comes into contact with a dog with a communicable disease.

The Benefits of Regular Vet Visits

When taking your puppy in for his shots, he will also get an exam, where your vet can ensure that your puppy is growing and developing correctly. Additionally, positive socialization with his vet will set the stage for future appointments.

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Having your pup vaccinated will save you time, money, and stress caused by vet visits and treatments that could have been avoided.

At Coronado Pet Hospital, our caring, compassionate staff understand that pets are family. We take the utmost care to create a comfortable, calming atmosphere for your puppy’s first experiences with his veterinarian.

Schedule a visit with us today to see why when it comes to puppy shots, Rio Rancho pet parents choose Coronado Pet Hospital!

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