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Responsible Rio Rancho Pet Ownership Includes Spay and Neuter

If you’ve made the decision to adopt an animal into your family, one of the most important procedures to prioritize as a responsible pet owner is to spay or neuter your Rio Rancho pets.

3 Key Reasons to Spay and Neuter Rio Rancho Pets

When a veterinarian spays or neuters an animal, they remove its reproductive organs to stop its ability to produce babies. There are many reasons why these surgeries are crucial to your pet’s wellbeing and the community at large. These include:

Calmer Personality and Demeanor

When an animal isn’t spayed or neutered, they are subject to hormonal influences that may contribute to aggression, anxiety, and stress. Spaying and neutering may significantly decrease unwanted behaviors such as mounting, roaming, and inappropriate urination, making both you and your pet much more at ease.

Decrease Overpopulation

Spaying and neutering is the best line of defense against overcrowding in shelters and increasing the number of homeless cats and dogs.

Longer Lives

There is no question that spaying and neutering is the responsible thing to do because of its direct impact on the longevity of an animal’s life. One study found that neutered male cats lived 62 percent longer than unneutered cats, with spayed cats living 39 percent longer than their unspayed counterparts. These numbers were attributed to the sheer number of health concerns that aren’t a possibility after these procedures, including reproductive diseases and cancers.

Spay and Neuter Pets in Rio Rancho at Coronado Pet Hospital

For more information on the recovery time, risks, and process to spay and neuter Rio Rancho animals, don’t hesitate to speak with an experienced team member at Coronado Pet Hospital today.

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