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Pet Allergies – Diagnosis and Medications

Every Day, People Suffer Greatly from Allergies and Allergy-Related Illnesses…Is Your Family Pet Suffering from Allergies, Too?

Whatever your pets’ symptoms, the staff at Coronado Pet Hospital in Rio Rancho are experts at helping you get to the right diagnosis, treatment plan, and pet medications necessary to provide allergy relief to your family pet.

When a person is suffering from allergies (whether it be pollen, food, or chemical) the diagnosis and treatment can be apparent, easy and instantaneous. There are hundreds of various over-the-counter medications to choose from that deal with human seasonal allergies alone. However, when it comes to your family pets, the signs aren’t always as immediate or apparent. You can help alleviate much of your furry friend’s unspoken discomfort simply by being able to identify the various signs of allergies and food intolerances.

How can you tell if your family pet is suffering from an allergy or food intolerance?

Symptoms may include:

  • Sneezy runny nose – Allergens that pass through the nasal passages can cause an immediate and noticeable reaction.
  • Constant head shaking and scratching of the ears – Irritation in the ear can be caused by the buildup of allergens within the ear canal. They become inflamed and cause great discomfort in your pet
  • Biting, licking, chewing, and scratching on the body – When allergies manifest themselves as inflammation on the skin, it is considered Dermatitis. Your family pet will find relief from this irritation by biting, licking, chewing or scratching the affected areas. This can lead to secondary infections, infection and hair loss or “hot spots.”
  • Gagging, coughing, and vomiting – Allergens that enter the nasal passages can end up in the throat and mouth. These can then lead your pet to cough and gag as an involuntary reflex to these unwelcome guests. Also, food intolerances can cause your pet to expel the food through vomiting.
  • Red itchy eyes – Conjunctivitis and Scleritis are two very common disorders associated with allergens that enter through the eyes. Pets with allergies manifested through the eyes can have severe inflammation inside the eyelid and on the whites of the eyes. It can also be accompanied by fluid discharge, squinting and constant rubbing of their eyes on surfaces or with their paws.


If your pet is exhibiting any of these warning signs or allergy symptoms, contact Coronado Pet Hospital of Rio Rancho, New Mexico and schedule an appointment to have your Furry Loved One evaluated and treated for their allergies and food intolerances.

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