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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy as Seasons Change

Humans are well aware that each season comes with its own set of allergies and health issues, and pets are no different. Your dog or cat will need different levels of care and attention during the hot summer months compared to the frigid winter season. From warmth and protection to getting cat vaccinations in Rio Rancho, here are a few tips to keep your pet healthy throughout changing seasons.

How Should You Care For Your Pets In Cold Weather?

Your dog or cat might have a thick layer of fur, but that doesn’t always mean that they’re ready to handle freezing winter conditions. If your pet is going outside in cold weather, make sure that you provide them warm and comfortable clothing such as coats or even booties. Protection is particularly important for dogs without long, shaggy hair.

What About Hot Weather?

Not all pets will fare well in warmer weather, either. If you’re sweating up a storm under the summer sun, then your pet certainly isn’t faring any better. Make sure that you only take your pet outside during the cooler parts of the day, such as the morning or evening, and be sure to avoid hot surfaces. You might also consider getting a haircut for your pet to better handle warm weather.

Have You Noticed Any Changing Behaviors?

Your pet won’t ignore seasonal changes. Many times, they’ll experience disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) or annoying skin conditions due to weather changes. Make sure that you keep an eye out for symptoms of these situations, such as sluggishness or irritable behavior. If you suspect that your pet isn’t handling the seasonal changes well, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

Cat Vaccinations in Rio Rancho

We understand that pet owners want the very best for their companions. That’s why at Coronado Pet Hospital, we offer the most comprehensive cat vaccination services in Rio Rancho. Call us at (505) 771-3311 to make an appointment!

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