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How to Keep Your Pet Calm at the Animal Clinic!

Bringing your pet to the animal clinic can be stressful for both you, and your pet. There are many ways to keep your pet calm at the animal clinic. Let’s learn how! 

What Are Some Ways To Keep My Pet Calm At The Animal Hospital In Rio Rancho? 

Keeping your pet calm at the animal clinic in Rio Rancho can be difficult, and if your pet is scheduled for surgery, a dental exam, or may be given drugs or anesthesia, calming supplements may not be an option. Some ways to keep your pet calm include: 

  • Take them for joyrides often – by taking them on car rides, your pets will associate car rides with more than just the animal clinic, which will keep them calm.
  • Visit the vet just for fun – if you take your pet to the animal clinic just to get weighed, or walk them in and out and give them a treat before heading home, it will also keep them from getting anxious when you have a real appointment. 
  • Use food – many dogs and cats are very food motivated. Keep a bag of treats handy to distract them or get them to sit and stay when needed.
  • Keep your energy under wraps – animals can sense your mood. If you are anxious about the visit to the animal clinic, they will pick up on your energy and they will act accordingly. Keep your energy calm, soothing, and relaxed. 

How Do I Choose a Great Animal Clinic in Rio Rancho?

From general veterinary services to surgery and dental care, our state of the art AAHA- accredited facility has every resource available to offer your family pet the finest comprehensive medical care in Rio Rancho. 

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